When do NFL tickets go on sale?



The NFL stands for National Football League and is a professional American football league which comprises 32 organizations. Currently, it is one of the biggest professional sports leagues in North America. Each year a large number of football enthusiasts look forward to the starting of the NFL sessions with great enthusiasm to watch their preferred teams. In this blog we will reveal the estimate dates of When do NFL tickets go on sale.

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Introduction to When do NFL tickets go on sale?

A question that many fans have frequently asked is when NFL tickets will be made available to the public. The answer to this question might be different mostly because of several factors like the period of hiring and the new season. Normally, NFL tickets are available on sale about a few months prior to the start of a particular football season.

As for the NFL tickets it is important to note that the exact period when the tickets are available to the public might slightly differ from one team to another. Individual organizations may avail their tickets at different times, thus creating a huge difference in the time of release. Fans should, therefore, make it their responsibility to regularly visit the team’s official website or social media pages for any information relating to the ticket sales dates.

Ideally, getting tickets to an NFL game is an incredible feeling, especially if you are to get them early. Ticket pre-purchase ensures that people have a seat in the stand they desire and can go ahead and attend the games they want to watch. Furthermore, the price of tickets varies depending on the amount of time one takes to book the tickets and also, and buying tickets early may also grant you a chance to book more attractive seats at discounted prices.

NFL tickets are often available well in advance of the beginning of the season from a couple of months prior at least. This is suggested to be obtained from the official website or social media accounts of your preferred football team to get an updated clue on when tickets shall be sold. It is important to note that getting your tickets early gives you the best chance to ensure that you get the seats you want in order to cheer on your favourite NFLfavouriten live games effectively.

Key Dates for NFL Ticket Sales 2024

If you are planning to attend NFL games in 2024, here are some key dates to keep in mind for ticket sales:

Preseason Ticket Sales: There are normally fewer fans willing to see teams play before the official start of the season. Basically, preseason ticket sales usually commence a few weeks before the advent of the preseason.

Regular Season Ticket Sales: it is crucial to mention that it would usually be a few months prior to the commencement of the regular NFL season when the tickets would become available for purchase. To avoid missing the latest updates, it is advisable to probably monitor the official website or any social media platform supporting your favourite team.

Single Game Tickets: If you want to buy tickets for almost all the games compared to having full season tickets, then single game tickets are normally released in the marketplace nearer to the start of the specific season.

Secondary Market: The other option is going for the secondary market for tickets in case one cannot afford the ticket through the official sale or if there are no other tickets for sale. NFL tickets are available on ticket marketplaces and reseller websites all year round as well during the official ticket sales period.

These are just general guidelines and you must ensure to confirm the date of sale of the ticket for the particular team you want to support for the specific season. It should be noted that in most cases, tickets for popular games and matchups are more popular than tickets for other games and matchups. Hence, if one is to get a chance to purchase a ticket, they should do so as early as possible.

Below are some of the key techniques on how people can access their NFL tickets in 2024. Here are some options to consider:

Official Team Websites: Among the official sales platforms for tickets, NFL official team websites can also be relied upon. It is usually segregated into the ticketing part where you have a view of the available games and the seats that are up for grabs.

Ticket Marketplaces: The market for tickets where individuals can purchase NFL tickets includes Ticketmaster, StubHub and SeatGeek. These platforms enable users to compare the prices of services offered, see the layouts and seating plans and book for the best available places.

Reseller Websites: Other options include reselling platforms where people can easily sell their NFL tickets, such as Online Ticket Brokers. These websites may well sell tickets at below face value although one should check that the seller is genuine before concluding the deal.

Another vital thing that prospective buyers should do when buying NFL tickets is to avoid being duped into buying fake tickets from con artists or tickets from unauthorized sources. Do not purchase tickets from unfamiliar people or unofficial websites – these can often turn out to be swindling services.

By employing any of them, it becomes very easy to locate and purchase NFL tickets for the events desired.

Tips for Securing the Best NFL Ticket Deals

If you’re looking to secure the best NFL ticket deals, consider the following tips:

Purchase Early: This is due to the fact that the tickets are cheaper during the early hours, and the buyer can choose seats of choice. It can also be important to note that in some cases, the prices for the tickets may rise nearer to the game day due to the increased demand.

Look for Preseason Deals: As a result of this, preseason games may have few people attending due to the ticket prices that may be cheaper than during the regular season. Suppose you have a desire to witness the team play during the preseason. In that case, these games can be really attractive with numerous bonuses and discounts.

Consider Weekday Games: Night games will have fewer people in the stadium compared to day games or especially compared to weekend games and, particularly, the ones that are played on Monday or Thursday nights.

Check Official Team Promotions: Winning or promotional tickets can also be once in a while free ticket sales by NFL teams. To enjoy such deals, one should continue visiting the official website or the social media accounts of the team which one supports.

Explore Ticket Reseller Websites: There is often a possibility to buy tickets from unofficial websites at a price lower than face value. Often, travel comparison so you can set a benchmark of the different platforms and find the best travel offers.

With the mentioned tricks, you can boost the probability of acquiring the finest ticket to the NFL match while not spending too much cash to watch it.

Benefits of Buying NFL Tickets Early

Here are some advantages that one gets if they book their NFL tickets early:

Seat Selection: Purchasing tickets in advance means that you guarantee yourself the best seats for the game depending on your favourite section or part of the stadium. It is also likely to find that seats become scarce in the days leading up to the game day.

Ticket Availability: Often, light fans, potentially good for popular games and matchups, are sold out as fast. It is realized that if tickets are bought well in advance, one stands to miss certain games that one would have loved to watch.

Potential Discounts: Certain teams even provide offers such as lower ticket prices to fans who are quick enough to buy tickets in the early morning or those special offers which are likely to be part of promotions. Dry brewing these offers may lead to certain savings.

In conclusion, we can state that purchasing NFL tickets beforehand is beneficial not only because you get a wider choice of the available seats and guarantee that you will be able to get tickets for the most popular matches, but perhaps there are also certain discounts available.


Purchasing NFL tickets is an exciting step towards experiencing the thrill of live football games. NFL tickets typically go on sale several months before the start of the season, and the exact date can vary from team to team. It is important to stay updated on the official website or social media channels of your favourite team to know the ticket sale dates.

When buying NFL tickets, consider popular methods such as official team websites, ticket marketplaces, and reseller websites. Be cautious of scams and unauthorized sellers, and always ensure the legitimacy of the source before making a purchase.

Securing NFL tickets early offers several benefits, including better seat selection, ticket availability for popular games, and potential discounts. By following tips such as purchasing early, looking for preseason deals, considering weekday games, checking official team promotions, and exploring ticket reseller websites, you can increase your chances of securing the best ticket deals.

So, mark your calendars, stay informed, and get ready to cheer for your favourite NFL team from the stands!


1 When do NFL tickets go on sale?

NFL tickets typically go on sale several months before the start of the season. The exact date can vary from team to team, so it is recommended to stay updated on the official website or social media channels of your favourite team.

2 How can I purchase NFL tickets?

There are several popular methods for purchasing NFL tickets, including official team websites, ticket marketplaces, and reseller websites. These platforms allow you to browse available games, view seating options, and choose the best available seats.

3 Can I buy NFL tickets after the official sale has ended?

Yes, even after the official sale has ended, you can still find NFL tickets available for purchase on ticket marketplaces and reseller websites. These platforms often have tickets available throughout the year.

4 How can I secure the best NFL ticket deals?

To secure the best NFL ticket deals, consider purchasing early, looking for preseason deals, considering weekday games, checking official team promotions, and exploring ticket reseller websites. Comparing prices across different platforms can also help you find the best deals.

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