India Wins the SAFF Championship against Kuwait: Goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu Shines in Shootout

A victorious Indian football team celebrating their SAFF Championship win against Kuwait.


India has emerged triumphant in the SAFF Championship 2023, securing a hard-fought victory against Kuwait. The match’s star was Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, the talented goalkeeper from Bengaluru FC. With his exceptional skills, Sandhu played a pivotal role in guiding India to victory in the penalty shootout, securing the team’s second trophy in just two weeks., best betting site comparison site in India.

India Wins the SAFF Championship against Kuwait: Goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu Shines in Shootout
A victorious Indian football team celebrating their SAFF Championship win against Kuwait.       (Twitter Photo)
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A Stellar Performance Under Challenging Circumstances

Over the past four days, the Indian football team faced intense challenges against formidable opponents, Kuwait and Lebanon. These physically demanding encounters pushed the players to their limits, extending each match to penalty shootouts for a decisive outcome. In such a high-pressure scenario, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu’s brilliance came to the forefront.

Stealing the Spotlight

Sandhu displayed remarkable anticipation and agility as the SAFF Championship hung in the balance. He made a crucial save, correctly guessing the direction of Kuwait captain Khaled Hajiah’s spot kick and diving to his left. With this exceptional performance, Sandhu secured victory for India in the penalty shootout for the second time in four days, leading the team to claim their second trophy within a fortnight.

A Commendable Team Effort

While Sandhu’s heroics stole the limelight, it is crucial to acknowledge the collective efforts of the entire Indian football team. Over the past few weeks, the team has demonstrated exceptional performance and determination. Throughout the tournament, they showcased a remarkable improvement in their gameplay, surpassing expectations and raising the bar for Indian football.

Dominating on Multiple Fronts

India’s success cannot be attributed solely to Sandhu’s performance. The team showcased their prowess in various aspects of the game, from offensive play to midfield control and solid defense. India’s footballers displayed an offensive mindset, effectively controlling the midfield and defending with great organization and discipline.

A Resilient Response to Kuwait’s Tactics

Aware of India’s capabilities, Kuwait devised a strategic plan to disrupt the Indian team’s flow. Kuwait aimed to narrow the gap between their backline and the forward players by implementing a higher defensive line, which congested the midfield. By doing so, they intended to neutralize India’s technical abilities. Kuwait’s wider players also exploited the flanks, outrunning the Indian defense. Despite these challenges, the Indian team remained resilient.


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A victorious Indian football team celebrating their SAFF Championship win against Kuwait.
The Indian football team celebrates with the SAFF Championship 2023 trophy after defeating Kuwait in the final match at Bengaluru’s Kanteerava Stadium on July 4, 2023. (PTI Photo)


A Glimpse into Kuwait’s Strategy

In the final against Kuwait, within the first 10 minutes, it became evident that their strategy revolved around disrupting India’s gameplay. During their previous encounter in the group stage, India successfully dominated the midfield battle. However, Kuwait came prepared and implemented a defensive tactic that limited the gap between their backline and the furthest player on the field. This adjustment led to a congested midfield, favoring the team with superior technical abilities.

Moreover, Kuwait’s wider players exploited the space on the flanks, outmaneuvering the Indian defenders. Consequently, India conceded their first goal 14 minutes into the match, putting them on the back foot.


The Ethos India Must Embrace

In the final training session, India’s coach, Igor Stimac, emphasized the importance of quick defensive positioning. He instructed the players, “If we lose the ball, everyone has to be behind the ball within three seconds.” This ethos is vital for the Indian team to embrace and further develop. Unfortunately, in the face of Kuwait’s counter-offensive, the Indian midfield failed to track back effectively. As a result, Kuwait’s Mubarak Al Faneni seized the opportunity, waiting for the overlapping run from right-back Abdullah Buloushi. Ashique Kuruniyan should have intercepted the pass, but Buloushi received the ball inside the box and provided a simple finish to Shabib Al Khaldi, who tapped it into the net.



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