Alcohol, Tobacco, Betting: BCCI Unveils List of Forbidden Brands as Indian Cricket Teams’ Title Sponsor

BCCI Unveils List of Forbidden Brands as Indian Cricket Teams' Title Sponsor


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has just released a list of brand categories that are strictly off-limits when applying for the title sponsorship of the Indian cricket teams. Yes, you heard that right! They want to make sure that the teams’ association remains squeaky clean., best betting site comparison site in India.

BCCI Unveils List of Forbidden Brands as Indian Cricket Teams' Title Sponsor
BCCI Unveils List of Forbidden Brands as Indian Cricket Teams’ Title Sponsor                                                                                    Image Source: BCCI.TV

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The BCCI recently opened up tender applications for the title sponsorship of the Indian cricket teams, which includes the men’s team, women’s team, and the age group teams. This move comes after the previous contract with ed-tech company BYJU’S ended in the last financial year. So, as things stand, our beloved Indian cricket teams are currently without a title sponsor.


How did this absence of a title sponsor affect the teams during the World Test Championship final? In ICC tournaments, teams aren’t allowed to showcase the title sponsor’s logo on their chests. Instead, it finds a place on their right or left arm. For instance, the Australian team had the logo of their kit manufacturer, Asics, on their right arm. At the same time, their title sponsor, Qantas Airlines, occupied the left arm. On the other hand, India only had Adidas, their kit sponsor, represented on their apparel.


However, this situation is bound to change soon as the BCCI is actively searching for a new title sponsor. The process for this exciting hunt has just started with the board’s release of a notice. BCCI secretary Jay Shah enthusiastically declared in a statement: “The BCCI invites bids from reputed entities for acquiring the National Team Lead Sponsor rights.” Brace yourselves because we’ll witness a thrilling battle among potential sponsors vying for this prestigious opportunity.


If you’re eager to participate, you can get your hands on the bid document by paying a non-refundable fee of ₹5 lacks. Remember, the last date for purchase is June 26. However, purchasing the bid document doesn’t automatically grant you the right to bid. Only those who satisfy the eligibility criteria outlined in the document and other terms and conditions will be eligible to enter the bidding process. It’s a level playing field, folks!

BCCI Unveils List of Forbidden Brands as Indian Cricket Teams' Title Sponsor
BCCI Unveils List of Forbidden Brands as Indian Cricket Teams’ Title Sponsor                                                                                           Image Source: BCCI.TV

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Now, here’s where it gets interesting. The BCCI has taken extra precautions to ensure the title sponsorship aligns with its values. Not every entity meeting the financial requirements will be permitted to apply for the title sponsorship of the Indian cricket teams. The board has meticulously curated a list of brand categories strictly prohibited from submitting bids.

Curious to know what those categories are? Well, buckle up because I’m about to spill the beans. In Annexure B of the bid document, the BCCI has explicitly outlined the following brand categories that are off-limits:


(A) Athleisure and Sportswear Manufacturer:

As much as we love sporting the coolest gear, companies in the athleisure and sportswear industry won’t be eligible to participate in the race for the title sponsorship. The BCCI wants to explore different avenues!


(B) Alcohol Products:

Raise your glasses, my friends, but keep those alcohol brands away from the title sponsorship game. It seems the BCCI wants to keep things clean and free from any influence that alcoholic beverages might bring.


(C) Betting:

I know we all love a good wager, but the BCCI is drawing a clear line here. Betting brands won’t be able to place their bets on the title sponsorship opportunity. Fair play is the name of the game!


(D) Cryptocurrency:

In this digital age, cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. However, when it comes to the Indian cricket teams’ title sponsorship, crypto brands will have to sit this one out. It’s all about playing by the rules, folks!


(E) Real Money Gaming (Except Fantasy Sports Gaming):

While we’re on games, it’s important to note that real-money gaming brands, except for fantasy sports gaming, won’t be considered for the title sponsorship. The BCCI wants to keep things fun without the monetary risks.


(F) Tobacco:

Please take a deep breath, my friends, because tobacco brands won’t be a part of the title sponsorship journey. The BCCI is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle among players and fans.


(G) Brands That Might Offend Public Morals:

Last, but not least, the BCCI has made it clear that any brand falling under this category, including but not limited to pornography, won’t be able to join the title sponsorship race. It’s all about maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment for everyone involved.

So, there you have it! The BCCI has set the stage for an exciting and fair competition to find the perfect title sponsor for the Indian cricket teams. With these brand categories prohibited from applying, it’ll be fascinating to see which companies step up to the plate and seize this incredible opportunity. Watch for further updates as the BCCI’s quest for a new title sponsor unfolds.

In the meantime, let’s cheer on our Indian cricket teams as they gear up for their upcoming series against the West Indies. They will be facing off in two Tests, three ODIs, and five T20Is, with the tour kicking off on July 12. It’s time to show our unwavering support and witness our teams’ incredible performance on the field!

Stay tuned, folks! The world of cricket is brimming with excitement, and we’ll be here to keep you informed every step of the way.

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