ICC Set to Ditch ‘Soft Signal’ Rule for Epic India vs. Australia WTC 2023 Final!



ICC (International Cricket council) In a ground-breaking move, has made a momentous decision to abolish the controversial ‘soft signal’ rule, marking a significant turning point. This crucial amendment is set to come into effect during the highly anticipated ICC World Test Championship 2023 final, where cricket giants India and Australia will clash at the historic Oval in London from June 7th to 11th. The ‘soft signal’ rule has sparked fervent debates and disagreements, and its elimination is poised to have a remarkable impact on the game. This compelling article delves into the intricacies of this rule modification and explores its potential far-reaching consequences for the upcoming final.

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ICC Set to Ditch 'Soft Signal' Rule for Epic India vs. Australia WTC 2023 Final!                                                                                                  Photo: Twitter @BCCI

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Cricket is a sport that has always embraced technological advancements to enhance the accuracy of decision-making. However, one rule that has been a topic of contention is the ‘soft signal’ rule. This rule requires the on-field umpire to make a decision, even if they are unsure, before referring it to the third umpire for review. The third umpire can only overturn the decision if there is conclusive evidence from the available video footage. This rule has often led to heated debates and controversies, with calls for its abolition growing louder.


ICC: The Controversy Surrounding the Soft Signal Rule

The soft signal rule has faced criticism from players, pundits, and fans alike. Many argue that the third umpire, who has access to advanced technology, should have the final say on close decisions. England’s red ball captain, Ben Stokes, expressed his opinion on the matter, stating, “ICC should get rid of the soft signal and let the 3rd umpire who has all the technology make the decision when the on-field umpires send it upstairs, all the controversy is always around the soft signal given.”

Controversial decisions involving the soft signal have influenced match outcomes and sparked debates. Stokes’ own team, England, benefited from an inconclusive decision against Pakistan in a Test match last year. Conversely, Pakistan captain Babar Azam criticized the third umpire’s call in a different match, claiming it cost them the game. These incidents highlight the need for a more consistent and accurate decision-making process.

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ICC: Decision to Abolish the Soft Signal Rule

The ICC has taken note of the widespread concerns regarding the soft signal rule and has decided to make a significant change. According to reports from CRICBUZZ, the ICC is all set to abolish the soft-signal rule ahead of the World Test Championship 2023 final between India and Australia. The decision to remove this rule has reportedly been approved by the Sourav Ganguly-led Cricket Committee.


ICC: Implications of the Rule Change

The abolition of the soft signal rule will mark a crucial shift in the playing conditions of international cricket. The change is expected to come into force from the World Test Championship final, which will be held in London next month. In addition to the removal of the soft signal rule, there are other noteworthy alterations to the playing conditions for the final.

One significant change is that floodlights can be used during the game in case of poor natural light. This ensures that matches can continue even when visibility is compromised. Furthermore, the World Test Championship final will have a reserve day (sixth day) to account for any time lost due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. These changes aim to provide a fairer and more balanced playing field for both teams.

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ICC: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is the soft signal rule?

The soft signal is the initial decision made by the on-field umpire before referring a decision to the third umpire for review.

Why has the soft signal rule been a subject of controversy?

The soft signal rule has been criticized

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