Mohit Sharma’s Stroke of Luck Leads GT to IPL 2023 Final Triumph over MI



In a captivating clash at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium, Gujarat Titans (GT) clinched a remarkable 62-run victory over the Mumbai Indians (MI) in the IPL 2023 Qualifier 2. Mohit Sharma, GT’s talented fast bowler, played a pivotal role in their success, acknowledging the fortuitousness accompanying his sensational five-wicket haul. With this emphatic win, GT secured their place in the IPL 2023 Final, where they are set to take on the formidable Chennai Super Kings (CSK)., best betting site comparison site in India.

Mohit Sharma's Stroke of Luck Leads GT to IPL 2023 Final Triumph over MI

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Mohit Sharma’s Fortunate Five-Wicket Feat

Reflecting on his extraordinary performance against MI, Gujarat Titans’ Mohit Sharma humbly attributed his success to a stroke of luck. Sharma astoundingly claimed five crucial wickets, conceding a mere ten runs in 2.2 overs. He acknowledged the challenging conditions, with the ball displaying unpredictable skidding behavior. Nonetheless, he expressed sincere gratitude for the favorable outcome that significantly contributed to GT’s triumph.


MI’s Spirited Pursuit and GT’s Tenacious Bowling

Amidst the match’s excitement, Mohit Sharma acknowledged the potent batting lineup of the Mumbai Indians, particularly the threat posed by Suryakumar Yadav and Tilak Varma. Sharma confessed his concerns about MI successfully chasing GT’s imposing target of 224 runs. However, GT’s bowling unit demonstrated unwavering resilience and determination, eventually leading to MI’s downfall. Mohit Sharma’s focused approach, especially when bowling to Suryakumar Yadav, was pivotal in curbing MI’s progress.

Mohit Sharma's Stroke of Luck Leads GT to IPL 2023 Final Triumph over MI

Mohit Sharma 5 wickets in 2.2 overs & 10 Runs           Photo Source: Gujarat Titans/Twitter


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GT’s Commanding Batting Exhibition and Shubman Gill’s Century

GT’s triumph was built on exceptional batting prowess, spearheaded by Shubman Gill’s breathtaking century. GT set a formidable target for MI by accumulating an imposing total of 223 for 3. Gill’s century laid a sturdy foundation for the team, instilling confidence throughout their innings.


GT’s Final Encounter against CSK

With their triumph over MI, GT sealed their place in the IPL 2023 Final, slated to face the MS Dhoni-led CSK. The highly anticipated clash is scheduled to unfold in Ahmedabad on May 28. GT will undoubtedly rely on its collective strength and the momentum gained from its triumph over MI as they endeavor to seize the IPL 2023 championship.

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Mohit Sharma’s good five-wicket haul proved instrumental in GT’s victory over MI, securing their spot in the IPL 2023 Final. GT’s commanding batting performance, fueled by Shubman Gill’s majestic century and their resilient bowling, contributed to an all-encompassing triumph. It’s time for an exciting showdown face-off against CSK, promising an exhilarating battle for the coveted IPL 2023 title.




How many wickets did Mohit Sharma take in the match against MI?

Mohit Sharma impressively took five wickets in the match against MI.


What was GT’s total score in the match?

GT amassed an imposing total of 223 runs for losing three wickets.


Who stood out with the bat for GT?

Shubman Gill showcased his brilliance by notching a magnificent century for GT.


Which team will GT face in the IPL 2023 Final?

GT will face off against the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL 2023 Final.


When and where will the IPL 2023 Final be held?

The IPL 2023 Final is set to take place on May 28 in Ahmedabad.




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