RCB’s Road to IPL Playoffs: Can They Qualify? Analysis and Strategies



On the forthcoming encounter scheduled for May 18, where RCB and the Sunrisers clash in Hyderabad, the Royal Challengers will undoubtedly endeavor to maintain their composure and resist the weight of expectations. Historical records imply that the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) have often posed a formidable challenge for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in past IPL tournaments. Nevertheless, RCB aims to avoid succumbing to pressure when facing the Sunrisers on their home turf. Instead, they are resolute in showcasing their true abilities and playing with utmost honor.

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RCB's Road to IPL Playoffs: Can They Qualify? Analysis and Strategies

Virat Kohli quit as RCB captain after the end of IPL 2021 (Courtesy of BCCI)

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Sunrisers Hyderabad’s Dominance Over RCB

In the 22 matches between these two teams, the Sunrisers emerged victorious in 12 encounters. At the same time, Bangalore has managed to win only nine. The recent track record shows that both SRH and RCB have won two matches each and lost three in their last five encounters. Notably, the highest total at Hyderabad’s stadium was scored by the Sunrisers in 2019, and their opponent was none other than RCB.


The Need for Victory: Bangalore’s Quest for Points

RCB must win this match against SRH for two crucial reasons. Firstly, winning one of the next two matches will take them to 14 points, not enough to secure a qualification spot. Therefore, RCB aims to secure 16 points by winning this match and their next game at home against Gujarat Titans (GT).

Secondly, RCB’s final match is against GT, the current table toppers. It promises to be a tough battle, making the need for a victory against Hyderabad even more crucial. If RCB loses against SRH, they will be stuck at 12 points and face elimination from the tournament. Therefore, winning against the Sunrisers becomes a must-win situation for Bangalore.

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Battling the Jinx: RCB’s Struggle for IPL Glory

Can RCB overcome the jinx that has plagued them throughout the history of the IPL? On paper, they certainly have the potential to win both the upcoming matches and turn their fortunes around. However, the reality is that RCB has struggled at crucial moments and has never managed to lift the IPL trophy.

Nobody understands this better than the Royal Challengers themselves. They are eager to learn from their past mistakes and make amends this time around. Losing against SRH would further reinforce the idea of the jinx hovering over them in the next match against GT, which is not a good sign for RCB’s hopes of reaching the playoffs.

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FAQs About RCB’s Must-Win Match Against SRH

  1. How many matches have RCB won against SRH in IPL history?

RCB has won nine out of the 22 matches played against SRH in the IPL so far.


  1. What is the significance of the upcoming match for RCB?

The upcoming match against SRH holds great importance for RCB as they must win to stay in contention for the playoffs.


  1. Can RCB qualify for the playoffs if they win this match?

Winning this match would take RCB to 14 points, which might not be enough to secure a qualification spot. They aim to secure 16 points to enhance their chances.


  1. What challenges does RCB face in their final match against GT?

RCB’s final match is against GT, the table toppers, and it promises to be a tough battle. Winning against Hyderabad

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