Game of Fortunes: ICC World Test Championship 2021-23 Prize Money Exposed



The ICC World Test Championship has always been a highly anticipated cricket tournament, showcasing the battle among the top cricketing nations. Recently, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the prize money for the 2021-23 cycle, heightening the excitement surrounding the championship., best betting site comparison site in India.

With a substantial purse of $3.8 million, the tournament aims to recognize and reward the exceptional performances of the participating teams. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the details of the prize distribution, highlight the upcoming Ultimate Test, and examine its impact on the teams involved.

Game of Fortunes: ICC World Test Championship 2021-23 Prize Money Exposed

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Breakdown of Prize Money

The ICC World Test Championship 2021-23 cycle boasts an impressive prize pool of $3.8 million. This significant sum will be distributed among the nine participating teams based on their performances throughout the tournament. The team that wins the championship will be bestowed with a staggering $1.6 million. At the same time, the runners-up will receive $800,000. Such substantial rewards aim to acknowledge the efforts and commitment of the top two teams in this prestigious Test cricket competition.


Game of Fortunes: ICC World Test Championship 2021-23 Prize Money Exposed

Prize money announced for ICC World Test Championship 2021-2023 cycle                                                                      Photo Source: ICC

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The Ultimate Test: Australia vs. India

The highly anticipated Ultimate Test will be the pinnacle of the World Test Championship 2021-23 cycle. Scheduled to be held at The Oval in London from 7th June, this match will witness a clash between cricketing powerhouses Australia and India. In addition to the coveted WTC mace, the triumphant team will also claim a significant portion of the prize money. The intensity and competitiveness of this final encounter promise to captivate cricket fans worldwide, providing a thrilling spectacle on the grandest stage.


Unchanged Prize Money from the Inaugural Edition

Despite entering a new cycle, the ICC has decided to maintain the prize money for the World Test Championship at the same level as the inaugural edition (2019-21). The total purse of $3.8 million remains unchanged, ensuring continuity and consistency in rewarding the participating teams. This decision upholds the prestige and value of the championship, establishing a sense of tradition and fairness in the prize money distribution.


New Zealand’s Triumph in 2021

New Zealand emerged as the victorious team in the previous edition of the ICC World Test Championship, held in 2021. Led by the remarkable Kane Williamson, they achieved a memorable eight-wicket victory over India in a rain-marred six-day final in Southampton. As a result, New Zealand secured the coveted title and was awarded substantial prize money of $1.6 million. Their accomplishment showcased their exceptional skills and determination to excel in the game’s longest format.


Rewards for Teams in the Standings

Apart from the top two teams, the remaining teams in the ICC World Test Championship 2021-23 standings will also receive recognition and rewards for their efforts and performance throughout the tournament.

  • South Africa: Finishing in the third position, South Africa will earn a respectable sum of $450,000. Their consistent performances and strong display of cricketing prowess have secured them a significant share of the prize money.


  • England: Despite a late surge and finishing their campaign in fourth place, England will be rewarded with a handsome prize of $350,000. Their tenacity and resilience throughout the tournament led to a commendable standing in the championship.


  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka, one of the top teams competing for a spot in the final, finished fifth in the standings. Their remarkable efforts have earned them a well-deserved reward of $200,000. Despite falling short of the ultimate stage, their performances were highly commendable.


  • New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, and Bangladesh: The teams ranked sixth to ninth in the standings, namely New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, and Bangladesh, will each receive a sum of $100,000. Although their positions in the championship were relatively lower, their contributions to the tournament were recognized and rewarded accordingly.



The recent announcement of the prize money for the ICC World Test Championship 2021-23 cycle has Added more excitement to an already thrilling event enthralling tournament. With a total purse of $3.8 million, With so much at stake, the competition has reached new levels for the participating teams. As the Ultimate Test approaches, the battle for glory intensifies, and the opportunity to claim a significant share of the prize money becomes an added motivation. The championship is poised to captivate cricket enthusiasts worldwide and solidify Test cricket’s reputation as the game’s ultimate format.



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