World Test Championship 2023–25 Cycle: Battle of Arch-Rivals Kicks Off!

World Test Championship 2023–25 Cycle: Battle of Arch-Rivals Kicks Off!


The anticipation is building as the third edition of the ICC World Test Championship gets underway with a thrilling clash between England and their arch-rivals, the reigning champions Australia. Brace yourselves for an exciting journey culminating in a grand finale at the prestigious Lord’s Cricket Ground in 2025., best betting site comparison site in India.

World Test Championship 2023–25 Cycle: Battle of Arch-Rivals Kicks Off!
World Test Championship 2023–25 Cycle: Battle of Arch-Rivals Kicks Off!                                                                                          Image Source: ICC/ Twitter

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Australia, basking in the glory of its triumph over India in the 2023 ICC World Test Championship Final, must quickly shift its focus to the upcoming WTC cycle. Their campaign commences with a high-octane encounter against England on June 16.


Marking the beginning of the World Test Championship 2023–25 cycle, the five-Test Ashes series promises to be a thrilling contest. This cycle comprises 68 matches across 27 series, culminating in the highly anticipated third WTC Final at Lord’s in 2025.


Nine formidable teams, including Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies, will battle for Test cricket supremacy during the WTC 2023–25 cycle.

World Test Championship 2023–25 Cycle: Battle of Arch-Rivals Kicks Off!
World Test Championship 2023–25 Cycle: Battle of Arch-Rivals Kicks Off!                                     Image Source: ICC / Twitter

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A Test Battle Like Never Before

In this exciting cycle, each WTC series will consist of two to five Tests, ensuring an ample display of skill, grit, and determination. Each of the nine competing teams will engage in six series—three at home and three away

The ultimate prize awaits the top two teams in the WTC standings. They will earn the coveted opportunity to clash in the Final at the iconic Lord’s cricket ground, a stage revered by cricketers and fans alike.


Australia topped the standings in the 2021–23 cycle and secured their first-ever WTC medal. Captain Pat Cummins exudes confidence in his team’s ability to carry the momentum, starting with the upcoming series against England.


“Our journey through this World Test Championship has been nothing short of remarkable,” Cummins expressed. “We eagerly look forward to the next cycle, building on our accomplishments. Reaching the final was a shared goal, and emerging victorious was a testament to our collective efforts.”


As we witnessed in the previous cycle, the much-anticipated England-India Test series will again be fiercely contested across five matches, echoing the intensity and drama of the Ashes battle.


Furthermore, the Border-Gavaskar Trophy series between Australia and India, the finalists of the WTC 2023, will feature five Tests—a format that hasn’t been seen since 1992. Brace yourselves for an enthralling clash between two cricketing powerhouses!


Great Expectations and Unmatched Excitement


England’s charismatic captain, Ben Stokes, eagerly anticipates the commencement of the new World Test Championship cycle. He recognizes the significance of the Ashes series combined with the World Test Championship points, which will surely add intrigue to the contest against Australia.


“The Ashes, along with the World Test Championship points at stake, make this series against Australia truly captivating,” Stokes shared. “I’m confident that fans across the globe will be glued to their screens, eagerly following every moment of this exhilarating battle. We are excited to embrace what the English summer has in store.”


The International Cricket Council’s General Manager of Cricket, Wasim Khan, emphasized the positive impact of the World Test Championship on the game, breathing new life and excitement into Test cricket.


“The eagerly anticipated series between England and Australia marks the beginning of the third edition of the ICC World Test Championship,” Khan remarked. “This championship has renewed enthusiasm for Test cricket, offering context for players and fans alike. The competitiveness on display as teams vie for the coveted title of World Test Champions over the two-year cycle is truly remarkable.”


World Test Championship 2023–25 Cycle: Battle of Arch-Rivals Kicks Off!
WTC 2023–25 Cycle: Battle of Arch-Rivals Kicks Off!                     Image: ICC/ Twitter


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The Road to Glory: Unveiling the WTC Cycle

In the World Test Championship cycle, the nine teams won’t play the same number of matches. Instead, their rankings will be based on the percentage of points they earn out of the total points available. During this thrilling cycle, England will feature in the greatest number of Test matches, playing 21 games. Australia and India, the cricketing powerhouses, will also engage in regular five-day battles, with 19 matches each.

In the World Test Championship, every test match presents a chance to earn 12 points for a win, while a draw awards four points to each team. In the case of a tie, both teams will receive six points each. However, no points are awarded for a loss, and teams can face deductions for slow overrates.


A Journey of Passion, Rivalry and Triumph

Get ready to experience a thrilling ride through the World Test Championship 2023–25 cycle, where legends will be made, rivalries will be reignited, and cricketing prowess will be on full display. The battle for test supremacy has never been more captivating, and the journey promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

As the curtain rises on the much-anticipated clash between England and Australia, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the magic and drama that only Test cricket can deliver.

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